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Hello. Thank you for visiting my blog and my “About me” page. To be honest, writing “about me” has always been difficult for me as I am used to making opinioned statements, after all that is what I write, opinions! However, I shall still make an unbiased attempt on this.

Who am I?

I am Amanda Greenberg. I have a small family of four, which includes my husband, two teenage kids, a boy and a girl and my own self.

Where Do I Live?

I live in this beautiful city of Tempe, Arizona. My husband and I have been living in the city ever since we both can remember, and this is where our home, work and life are.

What Do I Do?

I work as a chef at a local mid-size restaurant. I have been working at this restaurant for over seven years now. The restaurant serves multi-cuisine food and we as the chefs, have to work on recipes and dishes that vary greatly in terms of cooking methodology and pattern. Working at this restaurant has truly helped me evolve into a multi-faceted chef.

What Do I Write About?

Considering that I am a chef by profession, it is certainly not difficult to guess what my area of expertise is food! It is a general rule that the only thing chefs can write about is either food or how food is made. However, shifting from the league a bit, even though it is still about food, I write reviews on cookware & best food slicer.

Why Cookware?

Like I said, I have been working as a professional chef for a while now, and my profession has given me the opportunity to use different appliances, cooking methods and of course cookware.


Besides, I also nurture the hobby of collecting interesting and latest cookware items at home. I pick up cookware items randomly and like to use different things to see which would work better for me. These are perhaps the reasons why most people in my family and friend circle call me to ask if a particular cookware item or appliance will be good for them.

My professional life and personal interests automatically incline me to the world of cookware. I have always been in love with cooking, even as a child and was always told that the taste of the prepared food is a reflection of the cook’s talent. However, it was after I started working as a chef that I realized that all the supporting actors are just as important as the lead.

As a cook, I am helpless if I do not have the right tools and infrastructure to work. I may be a great chef, but I cannot prepare a meal unless the cookware used is appropriate. No matter how many exotic ingredients I use and irrespective of how flawless my recipe is if my cookware does not cook my food evenly, the best of everything will go down the drain.

This is the reason why I decided to review cookware items for people to help them make well-informed choices about, what is right for them and their homes. It is my attempt to ensure that the chef in you gets the right support to showcase his or her talent.